EPEC System

Our EPEC System (Extreme Performance Erosion Control) is a patented multi-layer revetment system used to reinforce and protect a surface exposed to possible high water velocities, wave attack and/or potential hydraulic jump from super critical flows. Learn more >>>

Shoreblock® SD

Shoreblock® SD (Single Direction Cabeling) is a flexible, interlocking matrix of concrete blocks of uniform size, shape and weight connected by a series of cables which pass longitudinally though preformed ducts in each block. Learn more >>>

Shoreblock® BD

Shoreblock® BD (Bi-Directional Cabeling) is the most durable, effective and environmentally-friendly, erosion control revetment method of fighting severe erosion problems. Shoreblock® BD represents the most advanced, flexible, permeable and versatile system in the erosion control industry. The interlocking design and quality manufacturing results in outstanding performance and reliability under the most demanding hydraulic loading conditions. Learn more >>>

Shoreloc® HP

For small or hard to reach areas where cabled mattresses are not feasible, the Shoreloc® HP (Hand-Placed) System is available to meet the most in accessible and challenging erosion control needs. Learn more >>>