EPEC Revetment System

Dam Overtopping

EPEC is a patented multi-layer revetment system used to reinforce and protect a surface exposed to possible high water velocities, wave attack and/or potential hydraulic jump from super critical flows.

The system includes both a cellular confinement layer (BaseLok™ GeoCell) and an articulated block layer (Shoreblock®). Each of these layers are separately known and deployed in various environmental applications. Here, they are deployed together to provide enhanced protection of ground surfaces.


  • Dam overtopping

  • Auxiliary spillways

  • Levees

  • Diversion berms

  • Durability

    The EPEC System will not suffer loss of function due to chemical degradation, UV degradation, biological degradation, vandalism or aging throughout its design life.

  • Stability

    The EPEC System has the necessary strength characteristics to resist displacement due to imposed tractive forces and wave loads, including the necessary strength to resist both lateral displacement and vertical uplift.

  • Acceptability

    The EPEC System becomes part of the landscape and the local ecosystem. Its construction is free of hazardous projections – thus offering opportunities for recreation – as native grasses are quick to germinate in the soil-filled cells.

  • Affordability

    The EPEC System is engineered to ensure comprehensive project design and high quality components at 20-50% lower than alternative erosion control methods.