• Shoreblock SD Open articulating on coast
  • Shoreblock SD Open and Vegetated
  • Shoreblock and ShoreJax coast
  • Lifting Shoreblock SD Open
  • Shoreblock SD open on slope
  • EPEC System installing

Shoretec® offers the most durable, effective and environmentally-friendly erosion control revetment methods for fighting severe erosion problems.

Whether you are an engineer, architect, designer or contractor, there are projects which require hard-armor revetment systems to prevent erosion of soils and subgrades. Shoretec® is a leader in the design and manufacturing of these systems. Our articulated concrete block (ACB) system is durable, aesthetic and an environmentally compatible solution at a cost savings of up to 50% when compared to traditional hard armor methods.

On sites where access is difficult or where the installation is an irregular shape, Shoretec® offers an attractive and economical solution.