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Case Studies

Barker Canal - Channel Protection
Cameron Parish, Louisiana

Project Description:

Barker Ditch provides protected side surface water runoff collection for the Barker Dam perimeter containment levee in Houston, TX. Providing flood protection to the highly populated communities adjacent to the dam.


The combination of high water velocities in the channel bottom and highly erodible nature of the native soil, had been causing severe erosion and embankment failure for years. Particularly in the area where the ditch empties into the Dam outfall. Potentially jeopardizing the integrity of the outfall control structure.


Shoreblock BD 600 OC lining of the channel was chosen as the solution because of Articulated Concrete Blocks proven performance in high velocity applications and their ability to provide vegetation without compromising maintainability.

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Project Team Members:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Addictes Services

Premier Concrete Products, Inc.

Technical Description:
Product: Shoreblock® BD600 OC
Area: 450,000 sf

Prior to ACB Install

Prior to ACB Install