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Case Studies

Aransas National Wildlife Refuge - Shoreline Protection
Aransas Bay, Texas

Project Description:

The project site is located along a stretch of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW) on the Texas gulf coast about 35 miles northeast of Corpus Christi in Aransas and Calhoun Counties along the GIWW and Aransas National Wildlife Refuge - wintering grounds for the rare and endangered Whooping Crane.


Prior to project completion, whooping crane habitat losses were occurring at a rate of about 2 acres per year as a result of vessel traffic in the GIWW and wind generated waves. While habitat loss adversely affects the Whooping Crane, which are still recovering from near extinction in the 1940’s. The Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, and its uninterrupted use, is also critical to the economy of the lower Texas coastal area.


ShoreBlock BD OC were utilized because of their flexibility to mold to the existing shoreline, provide the necessary erosion protection, and their ability to provide vegetation throughout the entire system - Utilizing over 1,700,000 sf of ACBs, the project provided erosion protection to 73,000 feet of shoreline insuring compatibility with the Whooping Crane’s need to feed at the water’s edge.


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Project Team Members:

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Galveston, TX

Job Number:
DACW64-01-D-004; USACE

Kingfisher Marine Services, Inc.

Premier Concrete Products, Inc.

Technical Description:
Product: Shoreblock® BD Open Cell
Area: 1,700,000 sf
Installation Date: 1999

Mats being lifted off of barge

Mats being installed

Mats being installed